YES Open House

Daniel is currently presenting our products at the in-house exhibition of YES Machinery. 💪🏻
Thanks for the great organization of the event!
If you also want to be part of it, you still have the opportunity to do so today and tomorrow. We look forward to seeing you! 💛

📍 Hamriya Free Zone, Sharjah, UAE

Signatur neue Mailadresse Blogpost

Change of our e-mail-address

We change our e-mail-address from July, 1st.


Industrial Spring 2024

Hier sind einige Eindrücke von der Industrial Spring Fair 2024 in Polen!

ENG Anwendungsbeispiel Isolation Blog

Isolation applications

What do we actually need stud welding for? 🔩


Industrial Spring 2024

Here are some impressions of the Industrial Spring Fair 2024 in Poland!