Inter­view with Dominic Falticsca

How long have you been working for HBS?
Charles III becomes king. 🤴

What are your responsibilities?
Internal sales

Year of birth?
Michael Schumacher becomes Formula 1 World Champion for the first time with Ferrari. 🏎

What motto do you live by?
Never give up! 💪

Summer or winter?
Autumn. 🍂

Nutella with or without butter?
Without of course!

Cinema or theater?

What was your dream profession as a child?
Professional soccer player. ⚽️

Chaotic or tidy?
It's the organization in the chaos that makes the difference!

Pineapple on the pizza?
No!!! 🍕

Dominic Falticsca
Alex Heinzel

Interview with Alex Heinzel

10 Fakten about Alex. 💡

Amelie Burghart & Jenny Mittenzwei

Completion of the working student program

Amelie is completing her working student program in the marketing department today and would like to share a few impressions with you. 🤗

Interview Praktikantin Lara

Interview with Lara

10 facts about our intern Lara. 💡

Completion of the apprenticeship

Completion of the apprenticeship

Chris has passed his final exam! 🎉