Inter­view with Lara

Lara spent her school internship with us and told us more about herself and her time at the company in this interview:

What did you like best about being here?
Creating posts for the website & co. in the marketing department. 😊

Summer or winter?
Summer, that's when the weather is at its best. 🌞

Apple or Samsung?
Apple! The designs are much nicer!

Sundae or waffle?
Sundae - it holds more ice cream! 😉

Current series?
Freinds for the 5th time - is and remains the best series 💛

Dogs or cats?
Dogs, you can do more with them. 🐕

Cinema or theater?
Better at home on the couch.

Saturday or Sunday?
Saturday, it's the most relaxed.

What was your dream job as a child?
A vet 🐹 🐰

Pineapple on a pizza?

Interview Praktikantin Lara
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