Com­ple­tion of the work­ing stu­dent program

Amelie is completing her working student program in the marketing department today and would like to share a few impressions with you:

"I had an exciting time at HBS, which gave me a lot of practical experience alongside my theoretical studies. I will particularly remember the personal connections and eventful days such as the visit to the advertising materials fair (which you can see in the picture).

With my graduation coming up soon, I am now leaving the team and am very grateful for everything I have been able to experience here during my working student program. Thank you for your trust in me, I am still amazed at how much personal responsibility I was allowed to take on. 🤩

I am looking forward to the time ahead of me, in which I will certainly continue to benefit from my experiences at HBS and I wish the team all the best. 💛

PS: A special thanks to Jenny for your support and perseverance with all my 'earworms'.🤭"

Amelie Burghart & Jenny Mittenzwei
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