Ideal Welding and Framework Conditions

The load-bearing properties of aluminum stud welds are above all compromised by porosity and incomplete fusion. To avoid adverse effects of this kind, a thorough surface preparation and a precise adjustment of the diverse welding and framework conditions are necessary. On the one hand, the welding energy has to be adjusted to the stud diameter, the sheet thickness, and the welding process. On the other hand, a high plunging speed is necessary to prevent a cold plunge.

The treatment of the stud also has a decisive influence on the welding result. To prevent the welding elements from oxidizing and to ensure clean stud end faces as well as optimal conditions of contact, it is essential to store the studs in a dry place. Therefore, the wrapping of the studs should only be opened immediately prior to the stud welding process and unused studs should be promptly sealed again in an airtight manner. Mixing different lots can also have a negative impact. At the same time, the welding studs should be promptly used so as to prevent corrosion due to long storage times.

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