Iso­la­tion applications

We use capacitor discharge stud welding to efficiently and robustly attach insulation mats to air and air conditioning ducts in various sectors.

Our process uses special insulation nails and cupped head pins to fix the insulation mats quickly and securely, which improves protection against heat, cold, sound and fire. This process allows us to both fix and insulate in a single step, not only saving time but also achieving an aesthetically pleasing result.

➡️ Heat and cold insulation: Insulation mats provide first-class protection for heating and air conditioning systems, minimising energy losses and reducing operating costs. Precise fastening using cupped head pins ensures seamless insulation.

➡️ Soundproofing: Noise is not only annoying, but also harmful to health. Our technology enables the effective attenuation of sound through special insulating materials used in ventilation and air conditioning systems to create quieter and more pleasant environments.

➡️ Fire protection: Safety first! Our insulations meet the highest fire protection standards and offer increased resistance to fire, which is particularly critical in industrial and commercial facilities.

➡️ Shipbuilding: Robust and reliable solutions are required on the high seas. Our insulation technologies protect against the harsh marine environment by optimising climate control and helping to protect critical infrastructure.

➡️ Refractories and incinerators: In industries where high temperatures prevail, our products not only ensure protection against heat, but also increased fire resistance, which significantly improves plant safety.

Compliance with high quality standards in accordance with DIN 4140 is a matter of course for us. Our technicians are qualified to ISO 14732 for stud welding and carry out regular quality checks to ensure the integrity of every installation. 👷‍♂️

Whether for standard applications or special requirements, our technical expertise enables us to provide customised solutions that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. ✨

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Change of our e-mail-address

We change our e-mail-address from July, 1st.

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!

We wish you and your familiy happy Easter holidays! 🐰

Amelie Burghart & Jenny Mittenzwei

Completion of the working student program

Amelie is completing her working student program in the marketing department today and would like to share a few impressions with you. 🤗

YES Open House

YES Open House

Daniel is currently presenting our products at the in-house exhibition of YES Machinery. 🤗