Indus­tri­al Sys­tem applications

What do we actually need stud welding for? 🔩

- Applications in industrial systems.💡

The Hogwarts Express Bridge is not only a simple transition between worlds, but it also symbolizes the connection between different magical skills and crafts. 🛠 We feel the same way about stud welding: connections and collaboration with other crafts are paramount. Have you ever wondered how such huge bridges can be held together? - That's made possible by all the small spot welds with studs that are used in bridge construction. 🔩 Mergers and connections are made here, just like the bridge that unites the worlds of Muggles and wizards. 🌉

The massive machines in power generation plants can bring cities to life and power industries. 💡 Robust structures are critical to this monumental power. Tiny connections made of bolts help keep the giant turbines running smoothly. This is the only way to provide clean energy for thousands of people.

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!

We wish you and your familiy happy Easter holidays! 🐰

Amelie Burghart & Jenny Mittenzwei

Completion of the working student program

Amelie is completing her working student program in the marketing department today and would like to share a few impressions with you. 🤗

YES Open House

YES Open House

Daniel is currently presenting our products at the in-house exhibition of YES Machinery. 🤗

Happy carnival days

Carnival greetings

We wish you a happy Carnival Tuesday!🥳