Stu­dent internship

Isabella has been getting a taste of HBS air for a total of 10 weeks since September as part of her internship block in FOS. You can now read more about her time with us here:

"At first I was still worried that such a day as a full-time intern would be exhausting and boring, but that quickly subsided! There were so many new things to learn and departments to get to know that my fears quickly evaporated. The whole team gave me a warm welcome and answered all my questions, so that I was quickly able to do my own tasks. I was able to actively help out in sales and purchasing in particular, for example by learning how to obtain and check quotations. I was also able to gain experience in contact with suppliers and customers. So every day was different from the previous one and it was never boring."😊
Isabella also particularly liked that she was allowed to take part in a training course in which it was explained what stud welding actually is and how it works. "Learning about a different meaning of the word stud than the one for playing soccer was something completely new for me. I even got to try out welding myself, which was especially fun!"🔩
Isabella was also able to get to know the warehouse and accounting departments during her internship and was able to understand the complete process between suppliers, customers and HBS. "Above all, this understanding will definitely take me a long way in my professional future!"
Thank you for this great report and the wonderful time with you Isabella and see you very soon! 💛

ENG Anwendungsbeispiel Isolation Blog

Isolation applications

What do we actually need stud welding for? 🔩

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!

We wish you and your familiy happy Easter holidays! 🐰

Amelie Burghart & Jenny Mittenzwei

Completion of the working student program

Amelie is completing her working student program in the marketing department today and would like to share a few impressions with you. 🤗

YES Open House

YES Open House

Daniel is currently presenting our products at the in-house exhibition of YES Machinery. 🤗