Trainee Jen­ny

"Hey, my name is Jenny and I'm training as an office management clerk at HBS. I am 19 years old, in my last year of training and currently working in the field of personnel, accounting and marketing.

Come, I'll show you what tasks I have today".

07:00 a.m.: Check and edit e-mails

09:00 a.m.: Check invoices for cash discount

09:30 a.m.: Posting invoices and closing the accounts

12:00 a.m.: Lunch break

12:30 p.m.: Team Meeting Facebook -> What? When?

13:00 p.m.: Writing job references

16:00 p.m.: End of work


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Completion of the apprenticeship

Completion of the apprenticeship

Chris has passed his final exam! 🎉

JOB 2023

JOB-fair 2023

We had a fantastic day at the JOB fair 2023. 🤗

BEFOS-Day Odelzhausen

BEFOS-Day Odelzhausen 2023

On Wednesday evening, we were able to help the students in Odelzhausen with their career orientation. 🤗

Isabella's FOS internship

Student internship

Isabella has been getting a taste of HBS air for a total of 10 weeks since September as part of her internship block at FOS. You can now read more about her time with us here.