Wich stud diameters and lengths can be welded?

Common diameters are:

  • for tip ignition

M3 - M8 / Ø 3 to 8mm

  • for short-cycle drawn arc ignition

M5 - M10 / Ø 5 to 10mm

  • for drawn arc ignition

M6 - M24 / Ø 6 to 25mm

The stud length is limited by the following criteria:

Minimum stud length: The minimum stud length depends on 1) the required insertion depth for sufficient fixation of the stud in the stud holder, 2) the required projection for the required formation of the weld bead, and 3) the material- and diameter-dependent safety tolerance.

Minimum stud length: The maximum stud length is theoretically unlimited, but depends on the equipment required for welding. The leg assembly must be long enough to adequately support the stud and the gun must be able to move the (heavier) stud weight to match the welding task.

Ratio of stud length to stud diameter: Especially in applications requiring automatic separation and feeding, the ratio of stud diameter or flange diameter to stud length must not be 1:1 in order to avoid rotation of the stud during separation or feeding.