Welding studs manufactured on an industrial scale and in compliance with the applicable technical standards and rules are therefore by no means just a simple screw or piece of wire, but an important, decisive link for ensuring welding quality and function.

System solution "Process responsibility / quality = equipment technology + welding element"

Equipment technology
“Equipment technology manufacturer”


Welding element
“Welding elements manufacturer / supplier”


“Welded products manufacturer”

Welding process


Process responsibiliy / Quality

The user should therefore obtain detailed technical information and advice regarding the technical possibilities and areas of application when using them. Especially the accompanying technical standards, such as DIN EN ISO 13918 "Welding - Studs and ceramic ferrules for arc stud welding", the standard designations for welding elements and technical criteria defined therein should form the basis between the customer (purchasing) and the producer / supplier in order to define the corresponding product and the applicable quality on the one hand, and to avoid possible problems due to incorrect information caused by manufacturer-specific designations on the other hand.