Nut Welding (MARC)


Innovative ARC welding technique

HBS presents MARC, a manual nut welding system which is more and more replacing traditional processes all over the world due to the innovative procedure with a magnetic rotating ARC.

Regardless of whether only static stability is required or if additional, customerspecific connection properties (e.g., pressure tight) need to be fulfilled, you always achieve the best results - with considerable time and cost savings.

Spatter free joints can be achieved with a high welding cycle time of up to 10 welds/minute. This is especially suited for thin metal sheets from 1 mm upwards.

MARC provides the access to a new future to international trusts, medium-sized companies as well as to crafts enterprise.

Marc state 1 new
Joining of welding elements
Marc state 2 new
A burning ARC is put into rotation in a controlled way. A ringshaped weld pool is generated where the welding element is plunged in.
Marc state 3 new
The very precise and clean welding process does not require any subsequent machining of the work piece or welding element (e.g. caused by distortion or welding spatters at the thread).
Marc state 4 new
The molten areas solidify. The short and clean welding process does not require any machining. Based on a very short welding time and low energy consumption, extraordinary welding results are achieved featured by high process stability and best economical efficiency.uts

MARC - MAGNETIC ROTATING ARC - Nut Welding with rotating arc


Functional welding sequence:

  • The nut is placed onto the base material - the current circuit is closed
  • Preflow of shielding gas
  • Coil current is switched on and magnetic field is generated
  • Power unit is switched on and arc voltage is provided
  • Lift of nut/sleeve
  • Ignition of pilot arc and then ignition of welding arc between nut and plate
  • Burning of rotating arc along the ring-shaped welding area
  • At the end of welding time, the nut is lowered and plunged into the liquid weld pool
  • Electrical short-circuit and cut-off of welding current
  • Formation and solidification of weld seam with post-flow time of shielding gas

Examples of applications nut welding (MARC)

Welding on pads and nuts on punched and unpunched metal sheets.

Applications are e.g. sprinkler systems, ventilation tubes, hinges, pressure vessels, exhaust systems.