ISO - Insulation technique - Welding processes for insulation

Cupped head pin welding ISO Plus (HVAC)

Iso welding process Wksb

The welding process of cupped head pin welding corresponds with the contact-type capacitor discharge drawn-arc stud welding (CD).

HVAC - Fasteners for heating, ventilation and air-conditioning

If you want to fasten insulation mats in a fast and cost efficient way, you should use ISO-PLUS cupped head pins. With this procedure, you fasten the insulation mat to the base material in one process step. This perfect fastening procedure replaces the very complicated traditional procedure: weld on a pin, push the mat over the pin, put on the clip and then cut the projecting tip or bend it.


Fire-resistant insulation with ARC-insulation pins (FRI)

Iso welding process Ffi

The welding process of ARC-insulation pin welding corresponds with short cycle drawn arc stud welding (SC).

FRI - Fire-Resistant insulation

HBS in use! For example: Thermal power stations with incineration plants, industrial furnaces, chemical and petrochemical industries. Optimum fastening of fire resistant insulation with special pins and clips. For outstanding protection of steel structures against high temperature (up to 1250°C) and corrosion.