Capacitor discharge stud welding with contact

Cd welding Cd contact
    • The capacitor battery will be charged according to chosen charging voltage.
    • The stud (with ignition tip) is placed onto the work piece and pressed by a spring in the welding gun onto the work piece (contact). The current circuit is closed.
    • After triggering the welding process, the rapidly increasing current evaporates the ignition tip and ignites the arc.
    • Stud and work piece are melted.
    • The stud is moved forward to the plate.
    • The arc is cut as soon as the stud touches the work piece.
    • The molten zones are joining and solidifying.
    • Welding time is ≤ 3 msec.
    • Recommended plate thickness should be 1/10 d, but not less than 0.5 mm.