Where is stud welding used?

Stud welding can be used everywhere in metal construction and the metalworking industry and has proven itself for decades in welding threaded studs, internal threaded bushes or pins securely and cost-effectively to sheet metal - "Stud welding creates invisible connections".

Range of application extends from steel construction, bridge construction, composite construction and facade construction to power station, industrial furnace construction, general mechanical engineering and apparatus construction, vehicle construction and shipbuilding, boiler construction, tank construction and plant engineering to the household and electrical industries.


Areas of application in metal construction

- Enclosures, apparatus and switch cabinet construction
- Electrical industry
- Vending machines (beverage, food, cigarette vending machines)
- Household appliances, commercial kitchens, food industry, catering
- Laboratory and medical technology
- Fittings
- Facade engineering
- Insulation technology (climate insulation)
- "unmarked rear side"
- Vehicle construction
- Door, window and facade construction
- Steel construction
- Shipbuilding
- Thermal insulation