What is required for stud welding?

For stud welding you need

  • A special (welding) power source -> power unit The power source implements the control system for providing welding energy and coordinating the movement device
  • A special movement device -> welding gun or welding head
  • Welding current cables and connections
  • Chuck for holding the stud
  • Welding element -> stud
  • Technical accessories (e.g. foot assembly for shielding gas)
Stud welding

Anyone can stud weld.

Equipment technology and processes are easy to master

The process runs automatically. In this sense, there is no "welder" but an operator. The operator has no direct influence on the welding process, as is the case with manual electrode and MSG welding.

As with all joining and welding processes, the achievement of sufficient joining quality in arc stud welding is also influenced by a large number of parameters. In addition to a certain manual dexterity and training of the operator, it is therefore important that the process runs smoothly and that the welding task is taken into account.

An extensive range of stud welding equipment and accessories are offered to solve customer-specific welding tasks "stud to metal". The range extends from simple, manual equipment with stud welding guns to comprehensive CNC stud welding systems.

Buying a stud welding machine

The best possible basis for ensuring the process and quality of the welded product is provided if the supplier can offer a system solution "process responsibility / quality = equipment technology + welding element". In case of questions or problems, there is only one contact point for the quality-influencing criteria "equipment technology" and "welding element".

However, the product liability of the manufacturer can only refer to the delivered devices and / or studs, but not to the quality of the welded product (studs to sheet metal). This is determined by many influencing factors during the welding process.

Equipment Technology


Welding Element




Process responsibility / Quality