Drawn Arc Stud Welding - unrivalled economic efficiency

Drawn Arc Stud Welding ("stud welding") is a particularly economical welding process for joining round-shaped metallic parts (studs / welding studs / welding elements) with metallic workpieces such as sheet metal, profiles and pipes. Every day, millions of welding studs are joined via stud welding processes in many areas of the metal industry. The simple handling of the equipment technology plays a significant role in the spread of stud welding. The decisive factors, however, are the design and economic advantages (see Table 1) for the connection "screw to sheet metal" compared to other welding and fastening methods such as:

  • Metal inert gas welding process (MIG/MAG/WIG)
  • Clinching / Riveting
  • gluing

High Profitability
Huge savings in costs and time

Construction Advantages
New design possibilities


  • Only one step (no drilling, countersinking, tapping)

High strength joint

  • Complete surface area coverage
  • High strength joint (welded connection higher then the strength of the stud and work piece)

Only one sided access is necessary

Weldable on very thin metal thicknesses

Different material combinations possible

High quality welding process: No riveting, gluing, screwing


  • Simple, speedy handling = High Productivity
  • Easy to automate
  • High duty cycle through very short welding times (max. 1s)

Post Welding

  • Coating on the rear remains under certain conditions (no thermal marking)

  • Backside of high-alloyed sheets unchanged under certain conditions (no geometric marking)
  • Very short welding times minimize thermal energy input and thus distortion or backside markings

Welding Elements / Studs

  • Low costs through the use of standardized studs / welding elements

Welding Elements / Studs

  • Besides huge range of standardized welding elements / studs application and customer specific studs / welding elements possible

Equipment Technology

  • Comparitively low aquisition costs combined with unbeatable cost/benefit ratio

Equipment Technology

  • mobile, compact and easy-to-use

Stud welding is in many areas the most economical joining technique for fastening screw- or stud-shaped components and often the only technical solution for joining elements to thin sheet metal.