Drawn-Arc stud welding - Ceramic ring auxiliary equipment

Stud types for drawn arc ignition with ceramic ring have a pressed-in aluminium ball at the tip in order to ignite the arc more easily and to deoxidise the weld pool.

A ceramic ring is used

  • for studs larger than 12 mm diameter (welding diameter)
  • when welding in constrained positions (vertical wall, overhead)
  • when welding under construction site conditions
  • Disadvantage: not suitable for automated series production

The ceramic ring must be selected to match the stud and is generally always delivered with the welding element.

Industry Specific / Customer Specific

In addition, there are a large number of non-standardized, industry-specific welding elements. The welding and functional surface geometry is designed according to the application. Examples of this can be found in automotive engineering, where millions of fastening elements with coarse threads or lacquer grooves are used, in switch cabinet and device construction with welded earthing angles or in power plant and plant construction with fastening elements for thermal insulation.