How to adjust the lift of the HBS gun CA08 correctly?

Adjusting the lift of the CA08 gun

Setup of the HBS stud welding gun type CA08 for stud welding with tip ignition - process variant "gap" using the example of stud type PT M6 aluminum.

The HBS welding pistol CA 08 is a universal stud welding pistol which is designed for stud welding with tip ignition - process variant "gap", but can also be used for short-time drawn arc welding.

In order to prepare the stud welding gun, to set the zero point, which is important for welding, and, connected with this, to set the correct lift on the gun, several working steps are necessary. These have to be performed correctly in order to carry out the welding process properly. The video guides you step by step through the setup and helps you with the proper adjustment.

Please note: This video does not replace an operating manual, but serves as additional assistance and support during setup!

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