Assembly of a C 06 stud welding gun

Compared to drawn arc stud welding, capacitor discharge stud welding can be carried out with few, simple parameter settings.

Our stud welding guns of the C 06 series have an equally simple design.

The C 06 welding gun is a compact and universally applicable contact welding gun.

A sturdy plastic housing accommodates all components: from the piston to the pressure spring to the connecting cable. Every component is customized to this series and the CD process.

The piston is guided via a slide bearing in the gun housing and also ensures that the welding element placed in the chuck makes solid contact with the base material.

The piston receives the necessary acceleration from the pressure spring. The spring force of this pressure spring is sufficient to allow the welding element to be immersed in the molten material without further adjustments.

A microswitch is used to establish the circuit between the connecting cable and the gun trigger.

The foot assembly with the three support feet ensures a solid footing on all flat surfaces.

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