Stud welding: Avoid errors before they occur

Stud welding: Avoid errors before they occur

  • Which stud welding process suits my application best?
  • Which equipment helps me solve my tasks?
  • Which parameters do I have to choose to ensure that my processes run optimally?
  • Does it work as well in practice as in theory?
  • Is the quality of my welded joints good?

If you face these or other questions on welding technology, you will find your ideal partner in HBS Bolzenschweiss-Systeme GmbH & Co. KG. The experts support the users, for example, with customized test series, the production of prototypes, modern measuring technology and employee training.

Every good product starts with a good idea - followed by projekt work with planning, concept, design and construction. At this point the question of production methods arises.

  • How can I manufacture my product economically and in good quality - from prototype or single part to series production?

HBS Bolzenschweiss-Systeme GmbH & Co. KG offers the perfect solutions and innovations in welding technology.

For more than 40 years HBS has shown competence in stud welding. The company became well known for its high-quality manual stud welding machines and systems. Today, the well-established company from Dachau provide its customers competent system solutions for complex production lines. HBS combines these extensive competencies in its development department. Here, the experienced welding specialists provide insights into the versatility of stud welding, present progress in welding technology and its advantages and enable users to gain experience. In this way, they can convince themselves of our target-oriented solutions not only in theory, but also in the daily production routine.