A variety of options for the optimal result

"In our modern development department, we can realistically run through various welding tasks in advance and at short notice and determine optimal process parameters. Test and prototype welding can be carried out under realistic conditions. This ensures optimum transferability into production and eliminates errors before they occur. This is the perfect complement to our consulting services on welding," says Gregor Gröger, managing director of HBS Bolzenschweiss-Systeme GmbH & Co. KG.

In order to demonstrate the best welding process for the respective application, not least on the basis of samples, HBS has equipped its development department with a broad production spectrum. Stud welding machines and systems are available and ready for operation. Thus, the differences can be demonstrated and the best system for the task and the most suitable machine configuration can be selected.

Excellent equipment combined with the flexibility and expertise of the HBS team not only enables first sample and prototype welding but also the production of small series. "For this purpose, users can rent our systems so that their employees can utilize them directly on site," adds Gregor Gröger.

In addition, the in-house production department offers the advantage of creating improvised welding tools for a specific welding task and component geometry in order to achieve best welding results with these auxiliary tools. Gregor Gröger: "Our welding experts will find a solution for almost any welding task. Because innovative solutions are created in an innovative environment, such as our development department".