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Stud welding: Avoid errors before they occur

Stud welding: Avoid errors before they occur

  • Which stud welding process suits my application best?
  • Which equipment helps me solve my tasks?
  • Which parameters do I have to choose to ensure that my processes run optimally?
  • Does it work as well in practice as in theory?
  • Is the quality of my welded joints good?

If you face these or other questions on welding technology, you will find your ideal partner in HBS Bolzenschweiss-Systeme GmbH & Co. KG. The experts support the users, for example, with customized test series, the production of prototypes, modern measuring technology and employee training.

Every good product starts with a good idea - followed by projekt work with planning, concept, design and construction. At this point the question of production methods arises.

  • How can I manufacture my product economically and in good quality - from prototype or single part to series production?

HBS Bolzenschweiss-Systeme GmbH & Co. KG offers the perfect solutions and innovations in welding technology.

For more than 40 years HBS has shown competence in stud welding. The company became well known for its high-quality manual stud welding machines and systems. Today, the well-established company from Dachau provide its customers competent system solutions for complex production lines. HBS combines these extensive competencies in its development department. Here, the experienced welding specialists provide insights into the versatility of stud welding, present progress in welding technology and its advantages and enable users to gain experience. In this way, they can convince themselves of our target-oriented solutions not only in theory, but also in the daily production routine.

A variety of options for the optimal result

"In our modern development department, we can realistically run through various welding tasks in advance and at short notice and determine optimal process parameters. Test and prototype welding can be carried out under realistic conditions. This ensures optimum transferability into production and eliminates errors before they occur. This is the perfect complement to our consulting services on welding," says Gregor Gröger, managing director of HBS Bolzenschweiss-Systeme GmbH & Co. KG.

In order to demonstrate the best welding process for the respective application, not least on the basis of samples, HBS has equipped its development department with a broad production spectrum. Stud welding machines and systems are available and ready for operation. Thus, the differences can be demonstrated and the best system for the task and the most suitable machine configuration can be selected.

Excellent equipment combined with the flexibility and expertise of the HBS team not only enables first sample and prototype welding but also the production of small series. "For this purpose, users can rent our systems so that their employees can utilize them directly on site," adds Gregor Gröger.

In addition, the in-house production department offers the advantage of creating improvised welding tools for a specific welding task and component geometry in order to achieve best welding results with these auxiliary tools. Gregor Gröger: "Our welding experts will find a solution for almost any welding task. Because innovative solutions are created in an innovative environment, such as our development department".

Precise measurement ensures highest quality

In order to analyze the equipment and welding processes, HBS uses a special measurement PC, which can also be used as a transient recorder. The high-resolution measurement of process-relevant current, voltage and displacement curves guarantees a precise process. Malfunctions, especially in fully and partially automated processes, can be searched for and finally eliminated by using differentiated system signals. Also, specific analog and digital signals are recorded for further analyses for optimization.

Since the complex automation systems that HBS develops and builds for its customers are usually designed for high production speeds that the human eye can hardly follow, the welding experts have, among other things, the corresponding modern measuring technology for diagnosis, commissioning and function monitoring of the fast process and motion sequences.

With this technical effort HBS ensures precision, high-quality welded joints and optimal welding processes.

Welding technology in theory and practice

Practical training, seminars providing specialist knowledge, information about innovations and the knowledge to operate your own machine with the optimum settings round off the advantages of the Technology Center. Whether in the development phase on machines that are ready for operation or on site on existing systems - HBS competently trains its customers' employees in the use of the machines and the particular applications. This ensures quality standards in production and pays off in everyday production.

Gregor Gröger: "With our developments and the know-how of our welding specialists, we offer users a wide range of opportunities to gain a practical insight into welding applications and thus optimize their own production in terms of economy and time. In this way, we not only provide our customers with the best possible support, but we have also made an important investment for the future which will strengthen our competitiveness in the long term. Our development department will provide the innovations and ideas that will keep HBS also in the future one of the leading manufacturers of welding technology.

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