High efficiency cost and time savings

High efficiency cost and time savings

  • high degree of automation ensures high productivity, effectiveness and efficiency as well as increased quality
  • reduction of unit costs: minimization of technically required personnel and associated costs
  • high welding capacity (up to 50 studs/min)
  • high traverse speed
  • high positioning and repetition accuracy / minimization of reworking
  • Number of different studs (dimensions, material) or number of (different) sheet metals (number, dimensions possible per welding system)
  • standardized interfaces

welding element / Stud

  • low costs due to the use of standardized studs
  • besides a large number of standardized welding elements, customized studs adapted to the application are possible

investment volume

  • budget and amortization

Technical criteria

  • number of pieces, cycle and feed times
  • tolerances and accuracies in position
  • sheet metal / workpiece dimensions (l x w x h) -> work plate, working range and traverse speed, working stroke, workpiece fixtures, downholder, ground clamps, grounding
  • number of different studs (dimensions, material) or number and dimensions of (different) workpieces -> number of welding heads and stud feeders, stud switches for special feeders,
  • welding process -> welding equipment, spraying device (wetting of the component surface as spatter protection), shielding gas tripod
  • material and thickness of the sheet metal, stud design -> welding process -> welding equipment, milling device (surface cleaning)
  • process capability and stability of the welding system
  • positioning and clamping devices, turning or tilting devices for the angular position of the welding head
  • workplace requirements, safety -> terms and standards (machinery directive), machine housing, light barriers, noise and environmental protection
  • comfort operation, control and handling, component feeding, training, service and support, CAD/CAM interfaces
  • technical expansion stages or system extensions (system modules, convertibility, device technology, accessories)
  • technical connections and interfaces
  • spare and wear parts (costs)