Drawn-Arc: Welding with Direct Current (DC)

When it comes to aluminum stud welding, welding machines with inverter technology are state of the art. These comparably inexpensive welding power sources have proven successful, for example, in the metalworking industry, in the window, door and facade-wall fabrication industry, in vehicle manufacture and shipbuilding, as well as in the welding of thin sheets. As it is possible to reverse the polarity and set the parameters in accordance with the respective application, the desired quality requirements are relatively easy to achieve.

Since more stringent requirements apply to the moving apparatus than to the welding of steel, consideration must be paid not only to the electrical parameters of the power source, but also to the parameters of the welding gun. Thus, precisely running, mechanically acting magnet-spring systems can map highly dynamic motion profiles, especially with short welding times of less than 20 ms.

SC stud