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KAH 412

New welding head - KAH 412

Discover the outstanding features of our new welding head 🤗

Pegasar 500 accu

Update for Pegasar 500 Accu

Please note: Unfortunately, our Pegasar 500 is currently not available as a complete system.

CA08 Youtube video

New YouTube video on the CA08 welding gun!

You can find a new video on our YouTube channel on how to adjust the lift of our CA08 gun. ⚡️

A 12 M

New: A 12 M

We have a new product on our website! 🤩


New Wintergatan video online

We support Wintergatan!


New Wintergatan video online

In this video Wintergatan checks the test sheets (as of minute 04:20) we welded for his Marble Machine.

Welding for Wintergatan

Welding tests for Wintergatan

Welding the test plates for the Marble Machine from Wintergatan.

new catalogue

New accessories catalogue online!

You can find all catalogues in the latest applicable version on our homepage for download, as well as our updated accessories catalogue.

Hbs Configurator

New HBS Configurator

Finding your way around the big world of stud welding is not easy. Which welding unit and which welding gun fit together? What is the right leg assembly for my needs? With the new HBS-Configurator the whole thing becomes a piece of cake!