New weld­ing head — KAH 412

Discover the outstanding features of our new welding head: With its digital display, it offers an innovative way of displaying welding data in metric or inch units. In addition, the welding data can also be read out externally. 💥

Visit our website to find out more: KAH 412

KAH 412
Pegasar 500 accu

Update for Pegasar 500 Accu

Please note: Unfortunately, our Pegasar 500 is currently not available as a complete system.

CA08 Youtube video

New YouTube video on the CA08 welding gun!

You can find a new video on our YouTube channel on how to adjust the lift of our CA08 gun. ⚡️

A 12 M

New: A 12 M

We have a new product on our website! 🤩


New Wintergatan video online

We support Wintergatan!